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By   2015-11-27

Welcome to the blog of Parkour Games!

Nowadays it’s very hard, almost unimaginable, to find and create a game who will be different, more imaginative and some kind new. In a game world these things are very important. Because for us it’s so challenging to create and present an exciting and innovative game that will keep you interested. Parkour game is one of those games that will interest you and force you to find the best solution, a faster reaction and better decision.

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Parkour Game

Parkour is a modern discipline which in short time has conquer the world. It’s kind a sports discipline which involves a multiple skills. The main hero has a task to get from one place to another within the fastest time while you surrounding problems disturb you.

The training ground is presented as a virtual world where you suppose to use the advantage of the space and their offer to reach your goal.


Using controls is very easy and they are very simple. That is one of the benefits of this game and that’s why is recommendable for multiple ages.

For jump move you use space and of course for moving along just use the arrow keys on your keyboard, the left arrow is for going backwards, but it’s not recommendable because the aim is to go forward. So, the right arrow is probably the most used key. During the game when you collect spray use it with key S.

Controls Parkour Game

Game details/play:

Welcome to our city, with a million obstacles, a lot of setbacks, barriers or hurdle. We provide you an excitement polygon and crazy adventure. At this moment you are a adrenalin addict and in front of you is a bunch of levels and adventures waiting for you.

The story line of this game revolves around to conquer the most hardening physical challenges by making your character go through the game levels. Your task is set in a city, and you need to help your running hero to go through snags. Use your skills to surmount barriers in urban city, the concrete jungle where everybody is fighting for their own.

The game is set mostly on sidewalks where containers are bothering you, or some wood trunk so your liability is to overjump. There would be also a rooftops and lots of overriding where you need to be careful because if you fall down you’ll fail your level. Show us your great tricks and run the fastest you can because blue patrol is always behind your back.

During your progress through the game we hardly recommend to collect the sprays because they’ll bring you points. Besides that every hindrance that you bypass and each building you skip will give you bonus points.