Use arrow keys to move. X-Jump and push objects. Esc-Menu. R-Restart.

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Fans of Parkour game this is the right game for you! In front of you is 20 challenging and very exciting levels that will raise your adrenaline and give you good fun! As in most Parkour games rules are the same in this one, and in this game you have to jump, bypassing and avoid various obstacles and objects that will be on your way. The faster you finish the level and get to teleport that switches you to the next level, the more points you get. If you're come tired from work or school and you are looking for a challenging and exciting game that can rise your adrenaline then you are in the right place, take action in this Boondog game and have fun!

Date Added: 2017-01-21

Category: Parkour Games

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